We understand the future of our business relies heavily on the quality and consistency of our product offering. As such, we have invested in the equipment, tooling, formulations and technical knowledge to rebuild a product line that leverages the significant successes of Rubatex's heritage.


With our end users ranging from the largest OEM’s in the world to small independents, our focus of delivering on quality, price and competitiveness has been critical to the success of our material in the industrial marketplace.


With over 80 years of closed cell foam manufacturing experience, Rubatex produces high-quality, high-performance materials engineered to meet the property requirements for an assortment of industries and applications.


A key ingredient in our relationships is they must be mutually beneficial. Consequently, one side can’t consistently win or lose. It’s a give and take bond where both sides have the opportunity to grow and prosper over the long-term.


The R4261, R4271, R481 Neoprene blended product series offers fabricators, converters and die cutters the best combination of price and performance. They also happen to meet 80% of all the specifications you’ll ever require.