Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend

A black, closed cell, 7±1 pcf density, material with physical properties that meet ASTM D1056-14 2A2. This cellular rubber is a general purpose grade designed to offer the best combination of economies and performance. Works best for many applications including low pressure moisture and air seal, anti-vibration, compression seals such as lamp gaskets and other static applications. R4271-N incorporates flame retardants, meeting FMVSS 302 requirements and listed to UL-94 HF-1. This material is also offered in grey.

Material Details

Available in - Blocks (buns) and continuous rolls
Block thickness (in) - 3

Block width (in) - 54

Block length (in) - 80

Typical roll thickness available (in) - Varied
Typical roll widths (in) - Varied

Typical roll lengths (ft) - Varied
Cell structure - Closed cell
Color - Black

rolls of rubber_2.jpg