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Neoprene/SBR/EPDM Blended Sponge

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Quality Guaranteed

Our 100% quality guarantee gives you the added confidence and peace of mind that the products you order from us will work for your applications. What it means is, you will never be out of pocket for material that you can not use or sell.  Contact us to learn more.


Customer Care

The Rubatex® brand, is owned by GCP Industrial Products. Since 1999, GCP has been committed to making a difference in the lives of everyone we do business with. Being a family company means it matters to us that we do right by our customers.  Learn more about GCP.


Technical Support

We sell products, services and more. That “more” is providing the very best customer support, technical advise, we can. We are available to help our customers select materials, work through application issues or overcome engineering challenges. Contact us with your questions today.



With over 80 years of history, the Rubatex brand is known for high-quality, high-performance materials developed to meet the property requirements for a wide range of industries and applications.

Rubatex is now owned and operated by GCP Industrial Products. Having acquired the brand in 2012, our current series of closed cell sponge rubber products are designed to give users the best combination of price and performance. 


Year's of Sponge Rubber Production History


Quality Guarantee


Products, With A Focus On Price & Performance




Technical Tips

Rubatex sponge rubber products offer customers a highly durable material that is easy to convert or fabricate. Compared to open cell sponges, our closed cell sponge products provide excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and are higher strength. As such, it is often the sponge rubber of choice for general purpose seal and gasket applications where dust and fluids need to be kept in or out. In addition, to the qualities above our closed cell sponge products are also:

‣ Lightweight
‣ Durable
‣ Compressible
‣ Flame retardant
‣ Shock/impact absorbent
‣ Weatherproof

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