Specification Reference Guide

Definitions and Terms

ASTM - The American Society for Testing and Materials

FMVSS - Federal motor vehicle safety standard

FAR - Federal aviation regulation ore Federal Acquisition Regulation)

ISO - International Standards Organization

K Factor - A standardized unit of thermal insulation value (Also sometimes referred to as R factor)

Lbs/sqr. ft. - Pounds per square foot, (generally of cell surface)

MIL - Military specification


PCF - Pounds per cubic foot 


PSA - Pressure sensitive adhesive


PSI - Pounds per square inch


SAE - Society of Automotive' Engineers


UL - Underwriters laboratories similar to CSA (Canadian Standards association) or CE (European Standards)

Common Specifications


ASTM D 1056 - Classification system for cellular elastomeric materials. Uses code letters to designate grades and performance norms. Note: two versions are references, the 1967 Issuance-67 and the 2000 Revision-OO both are primarily the same with the exception of the lettering callouts which designate basic and additional properties.

ASTM D412 – Test method for determination of materials properties under stress, elongation and tensile strength.

ASTM D471 – Test method for determining a materials basic resistance to hydrocarbon fluids.

ASTM 1171 - Test method to determine a material's resistance to ozone exposure.

ASTM C 177 - Test method for determining a material's K or R properties or thermal insulating values.

ASTM C 534 - Method for determining materials stability properties (shrinkage characteristics)

MIL R 6130 - Military specification for cellular rubber materials and it has been replaced by ASTM D 6576 which contains essentially the same requirements.

FAR25.853 - NB Federal Aviation Regulation that establishes standard methods for and ratings for aircraft interior materials flammability properties.

FMVSS 302 - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard test method for determining bum rate for automotive interior materials.

UL 94 – Classification system for material flammability properties (bum rate) in various modes of exposure.

UL 50/508 - Classification system for gasketing materials with and without adhesive systems.

See file MH9949 at www.ul.com